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UCLA, Cal State LA Quarantine Hundreds in Measles Case
CNN and other sources are reporting that UCLA and Cal State LA have issued quarantine orders to approximately 200 students, faculty and staff who attended classes with persons apparently having measles.

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UC Demographics Suggest Diversity
UC has published a spiffy web presentation touting its diversity. Have a look!
And the cry of wimp! was heard in the land
We know this is old news (July '15), but it's so absurd as to warrant republication. Is it possible to be so politically correct that one is neither correct nor political?

We were going to suggest that the DB editor's post engendered contempt for the DB, but we fear "engender" may now be a... Continues...
Washington Scoring Again
Not the outcome the scattered UCLA fans in the UW stadium — including your intrepid DBAN reporter — wanted in the Oct. 28 contest. Final score 43-24.

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Rees Clark 1965 26-Apr-2019
Health services following measles cases at UCLA, Cal State
Don Harrison 1966 16-Jul-2018
I have been publishing for many years San Diego Jewish World, which has approximately 50 volunteer correspondents all over the world. Jewish writers who like to explore Jewish...
Anonymous 06-Jun-2013
Buddy Epstein, long time sports editor 60's/70's, has passed away. Services today at 2pm at Hillside Memorial. Follow LINK to online guest book.
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CNN now reporting number of students contacted is around 500.
Sorry to report that the conversation ended right there. We're still here, DB Team!
In spring, 1964, I also applied to be the DB editor. The Comm Board made the right choice.
Buddy H. Epstein passed away June 4, 2013, after a wonderful life of 64 years. He is survived by his wife, Christine Kim, his brother, David Epstein, and a thousand sad and dear friends. Anyone who went to Hamilton High or UCLA in the 60s knew Buddy as a brilliant scholar and a prankster of the highest order. High School mascot, UCLA Bruin Sports Editor, UCLA Law School Alumni and well respected business and tax attorney. We will all miss him. Services will be at Hillside on Thursday, June 6, at 2 p.m. Christine has requested that in lieu of flowers, friends please consider making a donation to the Skirball Hospice, which cared for Buddy with such gentle kindness.
1971-1972 trying to find members.


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