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Spring Sing Cancellation Dismays Performers, Alumni
Today's DB reports the 2024 Spring Sing performance has been canceled.

The Student Alumni Association’s annual event was slated to take place May 17 at the Los Angeles Tennis Center. After law enforcement raised concerns about safety, the organizers said they were forced to call off the event, which has been an annual tradition, in a Thursday statement obtained by the Bruin. The 13 acts will be featured in a behind-the-scenes reel instead.

More at the DB

New feature: Readers' Reports
This space could be the DB alumni's own window on the world. There are potentially hundreds of experienced journalists in our prospective community. Under the assumption that they know the difference between news and commentary, all alumni are invited to contribute to this new feature. For more information or to become a reporter or associate editor, click here. (How does it work?)

UPDATE 7 OCT 2023: We have registered members in several countries. We note the current events in Israel. Perhaps someone will take up the pen and report local news.
So what else is nu?
In 2022 UCLA was again among the US's leading universities, "best" by some reckonings. Readers of DB Alumni News were remarkably unsurprised by these tidings.

Nobel Prize to Patapoutian
UCLA alumnus Ardem Patapoutian will share the 2021 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine. The neuroscientist helped answer fundamental question about how nervous system senses temperature and touch.

UCLA Newsroom | October 4, 2021—Patapoutian, a professor of neuroscience at the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California, and a Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator, shares the honor with David Julius, a UC San Francisco professor of physiology, for their discoveries of receptors in the body that respond to temperature and touch. Specifically, their research explains how temperature and pressure are converted into electrical impulses in the nervous system.

More from UCLA

UC Demographics Suggest Diversity
UC has published a spiffy web presentation touting its diversity. Have a look!

View the entire presentation

UCLA, Cal State LA Quarantine Hundreds in Measles Case
CNN and other sources are reporting that UCLA and Cal State LA have issued quarantine orders to approximately 200 students, faculty and staff who attended classes with persons apparently having measles.

NPR Report

Washington Scoring Again
Not the outcome the scattered UCLA fans in the UW stadium — including your intrepid DBAN reporter — wanted in the Oct. 28 contest. Final score 43-24.

Bruins over OR State 41-0
UCLA blanked Oregon State 41-0 in aConference game at Corvallis, Ore., on Saturday. UCLA had gone 101 games over eight years without a shutout.

The Bruins outdistanced the Beavers 674 yards to 256 and finished with mostly reserves in the lineup.

The Beavers contributed four turnovers to the Bruin route. Redshirt freshman Nick Mitchell created them all.

The whole story in The LA Times

B'ballers Advance, Florida on Tap
The UCLA Bruins downed No. 12 Stephen F. Austin 77 to 60 to advance to the third round of the NCAA basketball tournament today. The Bruins will face Florida in the Sweet Sixteen on Thursday.

The No. 4 UCLA men's basketball team had defeated 13th-seed Tulsa, 76-59 in the second round of the NCAA Tournament on Friday at Viejas Arena in San Diego, Calif. The Lumberjacks had upset No. 5 VCU, 77-75 on Friday. Real time Sunday, latest first:


Summer DB Alumni Gathering Set
Roz Salzman writes, "Hello out there! In the spirit of the 4th of July, we are symbolically riding through Southern California announcing 'the DB party is coming...the DB party is coming:', and you can't take our guns away from us. Or was it by-lines. Quick, someone change Wikipedia. I'm sure the Daily Bruin is in there.

This is your reminder. I am just the messenger, as part of my volunterial duties (I like making up new words, but they never work in the crossword puzzles somehow).

2 p.m. mas o menos, July 23
Chez May (Larry and Roz and their beautiful backyard)
(editor has street address)
Studio City (between Coldwater and Whitsett, just south of the Ventura Freeway)

Roz and Larry will provide hamburgers, turkeyburgers, and corn on the cob (thank you very much)

Suggested contributions include appetizers, green salad, fruit salad, pasta or potato salad, and desserts.

Please call (using smart or dumb phone) Roz/Larry to let them know (tee hee). 818-508-6433. Or bring whatever strikes your fancy. (What exactly is a fancy, and why is striking it a good thing??)."

Write to Roz

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Anyone? The 'TEP House'
Rob Prince of the UK asks... Many moons ago, back in the summer of 1970, I stayed at a UCLA fraternity house, known simply as 'the TEP house', near Westwood Village. Those were crazy times, and the house had been opened up as a crash pad, which is how myself and my companion Vin - both of us UK students hitch-hiking around the US - ended up there.

Architecturally, it looked as if it had been designed by Fred Flintstone. We stayed for about a week, until the theft of Vin's passport, money and all his clothes (apart from his denim shorts) obliged us to move on.

I'm curious to know - does the Tep House still exist?
Campus Update: F'ballers to NFL; Gymnastics, ouch!; Nanomaterials, ouch, maybe
UCLA news from April 28 – May 2

Panel discusses possible harms of nanomaterials
A panel of lawyers, scientists, and other professionals gathered at a nanotechnology summit at UCLA to discuss concerns regarding nanomaterials used in a variety of products. These tiny particles can exert harmful effects on the body as they react with tissues in the body, causing increased stress, or even cell death. Panelists did not reach agreement over whether the nanotechnology industry should be immediately regulated by safety guidelines, although they all reached the conclusion that the dangers of nanomaterials are not fully understood.

Gymnastics edged out of Super Six Team Finals
A mistake on the balance beam tipped the Bruins off-balance and out of the NCAA Super Six Team Finals last weekend. Missing the cut by 0.175 points, the Bruins were edged out by Georgia, Utah, and Stanford, which placed first, second, and third (respectively) in the Finals.

Three Bruins chosen in NFL Draft
This year only three Bruins were selected during the NFL Draft; Bruce Davis was chosen for the Pittsburg Steelers with the No. 88 overall pick, Matthew Slater was chosen by the New England Patriots at No. 153, and Chris Horton selected for Washington with the 249th overall pick. The players were content with the results, but it was another poor showing for UCLA in the NFL Draft, especially compared to USC’s 10 players chosen. UCLA was not selected until the third round, and other top Pac-10 schools had more players drafted, including California with six and five Arizona State players.


Are you famous? Is your friend?
Sara Randazzo of the current DB staff writes, "The Hall of Fame highlights the professional and personal achievements of our illustrious alumni. By being recognized, inductees serve as inspiration for young Bruins and fellow alumni alike. Previous honorees include: William Forbes ’27; Flora Lewis ’39; Stan Rubin ’36" Frank Mankiewicz ’47; Harry Shearer ’65; Marty Sklar ’54.


Jump right in... email

Who Are We?
Allan Mann has sent this photo from 1967*. Some of the staffers depicted remain unidentified (we assume that the carefully prepared photo credit was lost).

Can you help ID the ? people? Sign in to post your replies as comments. Click the image for a larger view. The photo caption is:

Standing, first row (back) (from left) ?, Chuck Benrubi, John Parker, Phyllis Dubrow, Allan Mann, Martin Rips, Roz Davis, Buddy Epstein, Advisor Jim Howard. Second row: Jerry Morris, Charlotte Vrooman, Donna Grace, Stephana Roth, Evelyn Renold, ?, Shelley Presser, Larry Rubin (glasses, peaking out from behind Pam Sellers, Nick Brestoff, Suzanne Bellamy, Jeff Perlman (standing, behind) Judi Bronstein, Brian Weiss, Larry May, Pam Gentry. Third row, right: Tony McKay, Robin Burke, Tina Nides. Front row: sports guy? Mike Abbey.

This would also be a good time to contact all these folks and suggest they join us at DB Alumni News.
* To clarify, Allan sent the photo in 2007, but it's 40 years old. Confused, so are we; it's some sort of time-warp thing. Luckily we had Star Trek back then.
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