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Gary Knell '76 Heads NPR Network
Gary Knell '78 (correction requested) has been appointed CEO of National Public Radio, where he leads NPR's worldwide media operations, which include partnerships with 900 public radio stations.

Knell oversees the fiscal, operational, and journalistic integrity of NPR and leads the building of the organization and its philanthropic base to support and leverage the strengths of NPR and its extensive network of stations. As a strong advocate of innovation, he is a key driver in leveraging new technologies to advance NPR's core mission and grow audience for all of public media.


Phil Yaffe '65 Update: The Kaye Miracle
Phil Yaffe, editor in chief of the DB in 1964/5 recently penned this tribute to our colleague, Kaye Hardy.
Examining a Miracle?
I don't really believe in miracles or anything else that could be described as supernatural. Virtually every scientific investigation of such phenomena has found explanations in the real world for what many people would like to believe is other worldly. In fact, for several years one such investigating organization has offered a $1 million prize to anyone who could clearly demonstrate any sort of supernatural power. So far, no one has claimed the money.
Although I don't believe in miracles, I did have an experience early in my life that was so unlikely that I occasionally refer to it as a miracle for want of a better word.


No. Cal. Alumni Gather
George Garrigues has informed us of a video showing a recent gathering at Santa Rosa of 50s era DB alumni in Northern California.

Occasionally the embedded video times out and does not load. If this occurs, follow the link below to watch it at YouTube. The link also leads indirectly to several other DB-related videos.

If you have an alumni video to share, please write the editor.

Watch the video

A Member's Legal Question
Any lawyers out there? Dianne (Smith) Glei writes: "A friend had a husband put in jail because he molested his children and got out of jail after 6 years of a 12-year sentence because he pleaded guilty to one count of twelve. His former wife who put him in jail moved to San Diego to protect her children., He got out after 6 years. She has never filed for divorce because she is afraid he will find them. She knows where he is because of Megan’s Law. He is in Lodi. She and her children are in the San Diego area. They want her to file for divorce. It’s been 17 years. She is really afraid if she does that he will find them.

"Can she file without him finding out where they are? What are her options. I told her the DB NETWORK COUILD OFFER HER A SOLLUTION. Please give me a name. Mahalo nui loa.

Aloha, Dianne"

Registered users may write to Dianne via her member profile (sign in first). Others may reply to the editor via the Contacts page. Messages germane to the point will be forwarded. -Ed.

Clancy Sigal in the news
A wonderful piece of writing (as always) by alumnus Clancy Sigal '50 appeared in the L.A. Times last weekend. See it at the following link.

Thanks to Anne Berkovitz '47 for sending the link!

LA Times Story

In Memoriam: Gilbert Harrison '37
We've learned of the death of Gilbert Harrison, former DB editor and longtime publisher of The New Republic, died on Jan. 8, 2008 at the age of 92.

Thanks to Sara Randazzo for the update.

Obituary and NY Times link

Joel Siegel, 1943-2007
WCBS-TV New York reports that UCLA alum and film critic Joel Siegel died Friday in New York at the age of 63.

He was editor of the UCLA humor magazine Satyr in the early 1960s and wrote for other campus publications.

Siegel, best known as the resident movie critic on ABC's "Good Morning America" for 25 years, was surrounded by family and friends as he passed away after a long battle with colon cancer.

He continued working almost until the end of his life without losing his cheerful personality and trademark wit, a colleague writes on the network's Web site.


Credit for Photo, Courage
Since I'm in this photo I can ID the guys in the foreground OK; can you? The real story lies at bottom center. Who is the man with the courage to wear that sweater? We want to give credit where due, and of course we hope his career in fashion went well. Also, did you take this photo ca. 1964? Click the pic for a larger view.

We are starting a photo archive. Soon - by Fall - registered users will also have personal albums. Start thinking about what you want the world to know. It would be nice if you could subscribe and help support the effort. We're asking a whopping 3.3 cents per day.
Invitation: Join Us!
Hello, all! I've just sent out a mailing to a list of 1960s folk. I hope if you're visiting as a result that you will register and help develop the site by adding news and comments. After 42 years it's good to recreate some of the good old KH vibes. Welcome!
Phil Yaffe '65: Writing Skills to Go
Former editor Phil Yaffe is now a marketing and communications consultant in Brussels, Belgium, where he's been casting his shadow for over 30 years. His recent book, The "I" of the Storm, helps continental writers with writing and speaking skills that are increasingly necessary in the context of international business. The article linked below covers some of the same ground, but I happily recommend the main event, which is available from the publisher and from online booksellers.

Article (PDF, 88Kb)