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And the cry of wimp! was heard in the land
We know this is old news (July '15), but it's so absurd as to warrant republication. Is it possible to be so politically correct that one is neither correct nor political?

We were going to suggest that the DB editor's post engendered contempt for the DB, but we fear "engender" may now be a proscribed verb, so we decided to suggest it would lead to contempt, but lead paint is banned in many states, and we did not want to confuse the homophonically challenged, but that distinction contains the two syllables "homo," and we did not want to offend those who don't know the difference between the Latin homo (man/male) and the Greek ομος (same as, diacriticals omitted), etc., etc.

So we concluded the editor should just grow a pair. Unless he/she they/them has/hasn't/needn't, or perhaps all of the above under special circumstances.

Original Absurdity

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